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Gaza is the worst of it, but across the world, journalism is under unprecedented assault. 

If we criminalise, dismiss or sideline journalism that tells inconvenient truths, we will destroy our capacity for sensible public debate. As I write, the grim count of journalists killed in Gaza since last October has reached 97. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) puts the number slightly higher at 108. In the first 50 days of the conflict, journalists were being killed…

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Australia’s secrecy laws include 875 offences. Reforms are welcome, but don’t go far enough for press freedom

In 2019, the New York Times declared that “Australia may well be the world’s most secretive democracy”. The Times published the piece shortly after the Australian Federal Police raided journalists from two news organisations, searching for evidence of sources for stories that were embarrassing to the government. Four years on, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus today released a comprehensive review of secrecy…

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Future of Journalism report

Download the AJF Future of Journalism Report here. Thanks to the generosity of the Jibb Foundation, AJF has spent the last year speaking with experts around the world on the Future of Journalism. What will the media landscape look like in 10-15 years? What are the main challenges we face and how can we overcome them? How can governments better...
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