CPJ marks International Women’s Day

The Committee to Protect Journalists marks International Women's Day by highlighting the cases of female journalists jailed around the world for doing their jobs. Here are a few of the facts: According to CPJ's recent census, 32 of the 251 journalists currently in jail are women In the Asia-Pacific region, 6 women are imprisoned in China and 2 in Vietnam…
March 8, 2019

UN leader calls for action to protect journalists

The head of the United Nations has called on governments and the international community to protect journalists and media workers at a time when attacks on the media have become “the new normal”. Secretary-General António Guterres issued the call to action in a speech to the Association of United Nations Correspondents. In just over a decade, more than a thousand…
February 28, 2019

Maria Ressa arrested in the Philippines

Maria Ressa, award winning journalist and CEO of Rappler has been arrested in the Philippines, under the accusation of "cyber libel". Shortly after receiving the arrest warrant, she told CNN reporters "the rule of law has been broken to the point that I can't see it." The grounds for arrest are blurred and the arrest warrant was issued too late…
February 14, 2019

Peter Greste on 2ser: the need for a Media Freedom Act

"Journalists need to be the eyes, the ears and the voice for the public... this isn't about holding to account for the sake of it, this is about protecting our democracy." – Peter Greste 2ser 107.3's Tess Connery spoke with Peter Greste this morning to discuss the need for a Media Freedom Act in Australia. Listen to the interview here.…
February 12, 2019

The Case For A Media Freedom Act

This is the op-ed by Prof. Peter Greste published in The Australian this morning, to start our campaign for a Media Freedom Act.   One of the central tenets of a successful liberal democracy is press freedom. As voters, we employ our elected officials to run the government on our behalf, and as with all bosses, we have a right…
February 5, 2019