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AJF seeks to resolve press freedom issue in NT

The AJF has offered to help resolve the escalating issue between the NT Government and local digital publication the NT Independent. Banning legitimate news publishers from press conferences is a contradiction to the tenets of a liberal democracy. The Government's concerns about the legitimacy of he publication lie with its owner, not its journalism, and so the AJF seeks a...
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Journalist Ronnie Villamor killed in Philippines

Filipino journalist Ronnie Villamor has been shot dead at a check point in Central Philippines. Villamor was a contributor to the local independent Dos Kantos Balita weekly tabloid. This is the second shooting of a journalist within the last two weeks, after the shooting of Virgilio Maganes on November 10th. The Philippines is 7th on the CPJ's Global Impunity Index, which...
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Ita Buttrose joins AJF’s call for MFA

Ita Buttrose has joined AJF's call for a Media Freedom Act (MFA). Buttrose, in a speech to the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, noted the need for a MFA to strengthen our democracy and balance our national security laws with the public's right to know. The AJF has been calling for a MFA since we released our White Paper, three...
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