Seeking shelter for journalism, not journalists

This article was originally published in The Australian. In the debates on press freedom, a lot of the media’s critics tend to dismiss journalists as pleading for special privileges. “No one is above (the law), ­including me or anyone else, any journalist or anyone else,” Scott Morrison said, anticipating the Right to Know coalition’s campaign calling for legislative changes to…

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Peter Greste: AFP raids an attack on the liberty of all Australians

The two raids by squads of Australian Federal Police officers on Wednesday sounded horribly familiar. This piece originally published in the Daily Telegraph. Images of them pushing their way into the offices of the ABC and the home of Daily Telegraph journalist Annika Smethurst, warrant in hand, riffling through personal belongings in a search for evidence recalled a night in…

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The Case For A Media Freedom Act

This is the op-ed by Prof. Peter Greste published in The Australian this morning, to start our campaign for a Media Freedom Act.   One of the central tenets of a successful liberal democracy is press freedom. As voters, we employ our elected officials to run the government on our behalf, and as with all bosses, we have a right…

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Press freedom in the age of COVID-19

The Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom is speaking to journalists and publishers in the Asia–Pacific to determine the impact the COVID-19 virus has had – and is having – on press freedom in the region.

Please help us gather this data by taking this short survey, and sharing it with other journalists, publishers and press freedom organisations, so that we can design effective and long-term regional solutions to support press freedom in the Asia–Pacific.