Support the media, support press freedom

Columbia Journalism Review published an article titled ‘What needs to be done to help the media industry?’ which explores how the disintegration of the traditional financial model and the advent of the coronavirus have decimated media’s future, unless we collectively act to support it. The piece explores the possibility of treating news publishers as non-for-profit organisations, as well as increasing…

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Aus falls 5 places on World Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres, RSF) have released their 2020 World Press Freedom Index, which calculates the global press freedom ranking of countries around the world. This year, due to the AFP raids in 2019, the lack of legislative protections for the function journalism plays in our democracy, and concentrated media ownership, Australia’s position has fallen from 21st to…

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American journalists expelled from China

An ABC report yesterday stated that ‘Beijing announced… American journalists with press credentials expiring this year who work with the New York Times, the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, would not be permitted to work in mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau… Beijing described its steps as “necessary and reciprocal countermeasures that China is compelled to…

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China’s journalists are fighting back

China’s Communist Party (CCP) have been working hard to both control and stifle the spread of information via media and social media, during the Covid-19 crisis. So much so that two citizen journalists covering the outbreak from Wuhan, Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin, have been missing now for over a month. According to The NYTimes, however, China’s journalists are fighting…

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AAP to close in June

AAP will shut down in June, as Nine and News Corp have decided to bring their investment in the publication to a halt, citing Google as the main reason for the erosion of AAP’s business. AAP’s 180 journalists provide the nation’s media with a large amount of their daily news and photos, and have been doing so since 1935. This…

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Media Release: response to ABC appeal decision

Why we need a Media Freedom Act The ABC has made the decision not to appeal the Federal Court ruling that the AFP’s warrant to conduct a raid of the ABC’s Ultimo offices was valid. It has decided it can’t litigate its way to reforming fundamentally bad laws. This further stresses the need for a Media Freedom Act. “The principle…

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ABC won’t appeal Federal Court ruling

The Federal Court recently ruled that the AFP raids on ABC offices in Ultimo were valid. The ABC have today announced they will not lodge an appeal. This decision is unsurprising, and comes as a result of the current legislative landscape. Once again, another sign we need a Media Freedom Act. ABC’s Managing Director, David Anderson, said “This outcome demonstrates…

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Press freedom in the age of COVID-19

The Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom is speaking to journalists and publishers in the Asia–Pacific to determine the impact the COVID-19 virus has had – and is having – on press freedom in the region.

Please help us gather this data by taking this short survey, and sharing it with other journalists, publishers and press freedom organisations, so that we can design effective and long-term regional solutions to support press freedom in the Asia–Pacific.