Singapore passes concerning ‘fake news’ law

Singapore passed a piece of legislation on Wednesday, which criminalises information deemed “prejudicial” to Singapore’s security, public safety, “public tranquility,” or to the “friendly relations of Singapore with other countries”. There is concern that the broad parameters of this reform will lead to a more restricted press in the country. The power to charge anyone for acting outside the bounds…

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NYT addresses the growing threat to journalism globally

A. G. Sulzberger, Publisher of The New York Times wrote and published the following article on 23 September. It is well worth the read. You can read the article here. “This is a worldwide assault on journalists and journalism. But even more important, it’s an assault on the public’s right to know, on core democratic values, on the concept of…

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AJF joins call for Hong Kong to support press freedom

The AJF sent the following letter to Chief Executive Carrie Lam, joining the IFJ’s call for the Hong Kong government to ensure press freedom is protected. 9th September 2019 Dear Chief Executive Lam I write as a founding director and spokesman of the Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom (AJF), an advocacy group dedicated to defending press freedom across the Asia–Pacific region,…

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Peter Greste host of panel at Sydney Opera House

Amanda Meade explored the role philanthropy plays – and will continue to play – in the rapidly changing landscape of journalism.  This piece originally published in The Guardian. AJF’s Peter Greste is hosting a panel on press freedom at Sydney Opera House’s Antidote Festival, on September 01, with speakers Maria Ressa, Lina Attalah, Irina Borogan and Steve Coll on the…

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An open letter to Government

An open letter from MEAA supported by us was published in all major papers on Friday 13 June. The letter urges parliament to make the necessary legislative changes to protect journalists and whistleblowers in their everyday work. We have detailed those much needed changes in our White Paper. Read the letter here.   Photo credit: MEAA

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Press freedom in the age of COVID-19

The Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom is speaking to journalists and publishers in the Asia–Pacific to determine the impact the COVID-19 virus has had – and is having – on press freedom in the region.

Please help us gather this data by taking this short survey, and sharing it with other journalists, publishers and press freedom organisations, so that we can design effective and long-term regional solutions to support press freedom in the Asia–Pacific.

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