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The Committee to Protect Journalists marks International Women’s Day by highlighting the cases of female journalists jailed around the world for doing their jobs.

Here are a few of the facts:

  1. According to CPJ’s recent census, 32 of the 251 journalists currently in jail are women
  2. In the Asia-Pacific region, 6 women are imprisoned in China and 2 in Vietnam
  3. Of the overall number jailed worldwide, 3 are serving life sentences and more than half have not been sentenced
  4. The largest jailer of journalists is Turkey, where 14 of the 68 journalists imprisoned are women
  5. All of these women are local journalists covering issues in their home countries
  6. Issues reported by these journalists include public and private corruption, human rights abuses, and police harassment
  7. Some of those detained suffer from severe health problems or have young children at home

To read more about these cases, read the article here