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Steven Butler

“Supporting the work of brave independent-minded journalists throughout Asia is key to securing the region’s democratic future.”

Steven spent nearly 20 years in Asia studying and working as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and U.S. News & World Report. He later returned to the United States, where he was Foreign Editor at the Knight Ridder newspaper group during the Afghan and Iraq wars. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in political science, where he focused on China.

He’s been managing the Asia program at the Committee to Protect Journalists since he joined in 2016.

“Journalists and press freedom today are under assault throughout the Asia Pacific region, as autocratic governments find new ways to control the flow of information, sometimes enhanced by methods and technology flowing from China. It’s critical that those of us who believe in freedom of the press and democracy stand up to advocate for citizens’ rights to access information and for the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal.”