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Press Freedom
Landscape Mapping

Landscape Mapping for
Journalists’ Freedom

Since the AJF’s inception in 2018 and amid the Covid-19 crisis, there have been significant changes to press freedom in the Asia–Pacific region. To track this and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the regional challenges facing democracy that involve press freedom, AJF has created a data visualisation so organisations, governments, journalists and the general public can track the status of these issues during that time frame and see how they’ve evolved during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This project will, in turn, aid the development of solutions to support press freedom and democracy.

The AJF’s aim in developing this data-visualisation is for it to be of use in the following ways:

  • as a monitor for the overall health of press freedom in the region;
  • as a means for the public and interested organisations to easily access updates on the press freedom status of countries in the region; and
  • as a resource organisations can use to develop strategy to deal with crises and the impacts they have on press freedom.