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Peter Wilkinson

“While we can’t accurately predict the future, we can strive for a new era that supports a strong, truth-seeking journalist community.”

Peter is a former journalist, having worked on programs including the ABC’s This Day Tonight and Four Corners, and then Channel Nine’s ACA and 60 Minutes.

After anticipating the destructive impact of the Internet on television, Peter left journalism to co-found a corporate affairs company in 2002. He’s become increasingly disturbed by the impact of the information revolution, particularly on the institutions that traditionally employ journalists. He was also deeply affected by the power of the campaign that resulted in the release of colleague, Peter Greste, from jail in Cairo.

“We are living through a challenging communication era. With the journalist profession undergoing a painful transformation, and fewer having to work harder and longer on multiple channels, the knock-on effect is felt almost everywhere. As well, we are being bombarded with fake news and extreme opinions, which adds to the confusion and mistrust. I believe we need more trusted journalists, reporting and investigating with freedom and safety.”

Peter Wilkinson Headshot