About the AJF

The AJF is incorporated as a public not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Its structure includes a Board and an Advisory Board. Members of both will have diverse senior skills and expertise, and be united by their commitment to journalists’ freedom and safety.

In time the day-to-day operations will be managed by an executive director.

The AJF will be funded by donations from business and philanthropists on the expressed understanding that the funding is independent of the AJF’s activities. Funding will not be sought or received from governments.

The AJF was conceived of by three people: lawyer Chris Flynn, journalist Peter Greste, and strategic communications consultant Peter Wilkinson (also a former journalist). Flynn and Wilkinson worked with the Greste family to free Peter from his 400-day incarceration in Egypt. Subsequently, the three recognized the ongoing threats to the freedom of journalists and of the media more broadly across the South East Asian region.